CruiseUp Urban Mobility with CycloRotor Technology


The Future of Urban Air Mobility

 CycloTech, an Austrian startup, has unveiled CruiseUp, an air vehicle that demonstrates the benefits of CycloRotor technology and 360° thrust vectoring in a compact, passenger-oriented design. The CruiseUp concept is based on 15 years of CycloRotor technology research, wind tunnel testing, and over 500 flights of its technology demonstrator. It is intended to satisfy individual air mobility demands that are predicted to emerge over the next decade.

CycloTech's Innovative CycloRotor Propulsion System

CycloRotors are CruiseUp's electric propulsion system. This technology is unique in that it encapsulates the moving pieces, adding an extra degree of protection to both the surroundings and the two passengers.

"With the dimensions of 6.7m x 3.3m CruiseUp is just 50% bigger than current cars and way smaller than most of the air taxi concepts and thus fits into our domestic environment," said Andrea Marchsteiner, the project manager.

CruiseUp, created as part of a feasibility study, offers an exceptional passenger travel experience with maximum comfort, excellent maneuverability, and a smooth transition from hover to forward flight.

CruiseUp uses CycloRotors' unique 360° thrust vectoring capabilities to decouple the flight path from the vehicle attitude and compensate for gusts in difficult weather situations. This allows passengers to travel comfortably in cities, suburbs, and rural locations. CruiseUp has a top speed of 150 km/h and a range of 100 km, with most megacities and their suburbs within a 20-kilometer radius.

The electrically powered CycloRotor, a novel 360° thrust vectoring propulsion system, will be a critical component in the change of mobility, allowing for a compact design with a small vehicle footprint and maximum maneuverability.

"CycloRotors are the entrance point into the mass market of sustainable aviation, with an addressable market of millions of vehicles each year. Markus Steinke, Chief Development Officer, says: "We make your car fly."

CruiseUp Specification List:

Vehicle Type: Air vehicle
Manufacturer: CycloTech, an Austrian startup
Propulsion System: CycloRotors (electric)

Technology Features:
Utilizes CycloRotor technology with 360° thrust vectoring.
CycloRotors encapsulate moving pieces for added protection to surroundings and passengers.

Length: 6.7 meters
Width: 3.3 meters
Passenger Capacity: Two passengers

Compact, passenger-oriented design
50% larger than current cars, smaller than most air taxi concepts
Fits into domestic environments easily

Research and Development:
Based on 15 years of CycloRotor technology research
Underwent wind tunnel testing
Over 500 flights of technology demonstrator

Intended Use:
Meets individual air mobility demands predicted to emerge over the next decade

Travel Experience:
Exceptional passenger comfort
Excellent maneuverability
Smooth transition from hover to forward flight

Thrust Vectoring:
360° thrust vectoring capabilities
Decouples flight path from vehicle attitude
Compensates for gusts in difficult weather
Top Speed: 150 km/h
Range: 100 km

Most megacities and their suburbs within a 20-kilometer radius

Market Impact:
Entrance point into mass market of sustainable aviation
Addressable market of millions of vehicles annually

Statement from Chief Development Officer (Markus Steinke):
"We make your car fly."

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