The Mountain Cart Extreme 4x4 Overview


The Mountain Cart's extreme version, with all-wheel drive and an incredible power output of 10kW, comes equipped with four motorcycle cross tires and a hefty battery.

A vehicle for people of all ages and professions who enjoy traveling or working in natural and challenging environments. It enables you to visit previously inaccessible areas with your electric vehicle.

The Mountain Cart 4x4's low center of mass, 20-inch wheels, and spring shock absorbers ensure stability and comfort over challenging terrain. It is also disabled-friendly, with the vehicle's height and fully adjustable seat making it easy to transition from a wheelchair.

Mountain Cart is a game changer. Designed with a low center of gravity to aid in balance and traction, it also makes transitions from wheelchair to cart easier than on equivalent levels.

The seat is also adjustable and quite comfy, and the cart is equipped with a front luggage rack that can store up to 20 kg, providing plenty of transporting options. The Mountain Cart features four 20-inch wheels with KENDA tires (20×2.125). The Mountain Cart costs approximately $5,000. For more information, see the ev4 website.

It comes with a controlled seat and DNM bicycle shock absorbers, which make riding the Mountain Cart quite pleasant even in off-road conditions. Each wheel is driven by a 2,500-W direct-drive motor, with a maximum speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). There is also an 85-Ah Li-ion battery pack that provides a range of up to 120 km (75 mi) per charge.

Mountain Cart Extreme 4x4 Specifications:

Power Output: 10 kW

Drive Type: All-wheel drive

Tires: 4 motorcycle cross tires (KENDA, 20×2.125)

Battery: 85-Ah Li-ion battery pack

Range: Up to 120 km (75 mi) per charge

Top Speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)

Wheels: 20-inch wheels

Suspension: Spring shock absorbers (DNM bicycle shock absorbers)

Seat: Fully adjustable for comfort and accessibility

Luggage Rack: Front rack capable of holding up to 20 kg

Terrain Suitability: Designed for natural and difficult terrain

Accessibility: Disabled-friendly design, facilitating easy transfers from a wheelchair

Price: Approximately US$5,000

The Mountain Cart Extreme 4x4 is engineered to provide stability, comfort, and accessibility for users of all ages and professions, enabling exploration of previously inaccessible terrains with its robust features and versatile design.

Source: EV4

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