Moonbike Ultralight Electric Snow Bike


Meet MoonBikes, Your Electric Snow Adventure Companion

 The first incredibly light, electric, quiet, and dependable snowbikes are called Moonbikes. MoonBikes is a recently introduced electric snowbike brand in the United States that aims to redefine the standards for what constitutes a personal snow machine. With a battery, a MoonBike weighs only 192 pounds.

You can purchase an optional twin battery to twice the range. The MoonBike has a ski on the front and a tread that resembles a tank on the back, just like gas-powered snow bikes. Similar to a snowboard, the ski slices through snow, frequently gliding along an edge as it speeds up the mountain.

The vehicle moves forward thanks to the rear track, which also keeps a firm hold on hard pack and fresh powder.MoonBikes turn winter into your playground, whether you're riding about town, hitting the trails, or going off trail.

Similar to a bike, a MoonBike can fit through doors and be carried in a truck bed or on a hitch carrier because it is only 28 inches wide.Maximum Speed: 42 km per hour.Maximum range: 1.5 h/3 h with a single battery or, optionally, two.

A MoonBike's small size, incredibly light weight, and low center of gravity make it simple for anybody to ride.Less than 200 parts, no chain, and no belt mean minimum and simple maintenance.

A hub drive motor with a max power output of 6kW powers the track. The Moon Bike needs a single 72-volt battery, of which we have two, to power the hub motor. The batteries are kept safe inside a battery chamber that is heated by electricity.

MoonBike Specifications:

  • Brand: MoonBikes
  • Type: Electric Snowbike
  • Weight (with battery): 192 pounds
  • Optional Twin Battery: Doubles the Range

Width: 28 inches
Maximum Speed: 42 km/h

Maximum Range:
Single Battery: 1.5 hours
Dual Battery (optional): 3 hours

Drive System:
Hub Drive Motor
Max Power Output: 6 kW

  • Type: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 72 volts
  • Quantity: 1 (Optional second battery available)

Battery Chamber:
Heated by Electricity
Provides Safety for Battery Storage

Terrain Handling:
  • Front: Ski
  • Rear: Tank-like Tread
  • Suitable for Hard Pack and Fresh Powder

Comparable to Snowboard
Agile for Riding About Town, Trails, and Off-Trail

Ease of Transport:
Fits Through Doors
Suitable for Truck Bed or Hitch Carrier

  • Less Than 200 Parts
  • No Chain or Belt
  • Minimal and Simple Maintenance Required

User-Friendly Features:
  • Light Weight
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Easy for Anyone to Ride
  • Quiet Operation
  • Dependable Performance

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