Drones for Effortless Nighttime Inventory


No More Night Shifts: Sleep Well While Drones Check Your Warehouse Inventory

Innovation has reached new heights in the ever-changing world of technology and automation. The use of drones and sensors for autonomous stocktaking and inventory management is one such innovation making waves in the logistics and warehousing business. Say goodbye to night shifts and sleepless nights worrying about incorrect storage in your warehouse. In this blog post, we will explore how drone and sensor-based solutions, developed by Doks Innovation GmbH | Inventairy, are revolutionizing inventory management.

The Problem with Traditional Stocktaking

Traditional inventory management has long been a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Warehouses often require workers to conduct manual stocktaking during night shifts, leading to fatigue, human errors, and significant operational costs. Incorrect storage and misplaced items can result in financial losses and inefficiencies for businesses.

The Solution: Drone- and Sensor-Based Autonomous Stocktaking

Doks Innovation GmbH | Inventairy have partnered to provide a cutting-edge solution that takes the hassle out of stocktaking. Their drone- and sensor-based system offers a host of advantages that can transform the way warehouses manage their inventory.

1. Using Mapping Data for Precision: The system relies on mapping data to navigate the warehouse with laser precision. It creates a 3D map of the space, allowing drones to identify the exact location of each pallet and item.

2. LED Lights for Dark Aisles: Warehouses often have dark aisles or corners that are challenging to inspect manually. These drones are equipped with LED lights, ensuring that no area is left unchecked, even in the darkest corners of the warehouse.

3. Rapid Scanning Capability: Speed is a critical factor in efficient inventory management. These drones can scan up to 12 pallets every 110 seconds, making the stocktaking process incredibly efficient.

4. Quick Charging: Downtime can be costly in a busy warehouse environment. The drones are designed to be fully charged in just 12 hours, ensuring they are ready for the next night's operation.

How the System Works

The drone and sensor-based solution operates seamlessly, allowing warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records without the need for manual intervention. Here's a simplified overview of the process:

1. Mapping the Warehouse: Initially, the system maps the entire warehouse, creating a digital representation of the space.

2. Flight Path Planning: The system calculates the most efficient flight paths for the drones, ensuring complete coverage of the warehouse.

3. Nightly Scanning: Every night, the drones take off, following their pre-programmed flight paths. They scan each pallet and item in the warehouse, capturing data on their position and quantity.

4. Data Analysis: The collected data is then analyzed and compared with the existing inventory records. Any discrepancies or incorrect placements are flagged for further action.

Benefits for Warehouse Managers

Implementing this drone and sensor-based inventory management system offers several benefits for warehouse managers:

1. Accuracy: With laser precision, the system minimizes the chances of incorrect storage or missing items.

2. Cost Savings: Reduced labor costs, decreased operational downtime, and lower error rates lead to significant cost savings.

3. Efficiency: Rapid scanning and LED lights ensure that even the most challenging areas are thoroughly inspected.

4. Peace of Mind: Warehouse managers can sleep soundly, knowing that their inventory is being monitored with the utmost precision.


Doks Innovation GmbH | Inventairy have ushered in a new era of inventory management with their drone and sensor-based solution. No more night shifts, no more sleepless nights worrying about inventory inaccuracies. With mapping data, LED lights, rapid scanning, and quick charging, this system offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Warehouse managers can now rest easy, knowing that their inventory is in safe hands – the hands of autonomous drones with laser precision.

If you're looking to take your warehouse operations to the next level, it's time to consider the future of inventory management with Doks Innovation GmbH and Inventairy. Say goodbye to the old ways of stocktaking and embrace the future of warehousing technology.


Autonomous stocktaking & inventory with drones

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