Introducing CathCompass™ by Christie Medical Holdings


Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. unveils CathCompass™, a breakthrough peripheral IV catheter (PIVC) sizing reference graphic powered by VeinViewer®'s NIR technology. This innovative tool projects directly onto patients' skin, empowering clinicians with precise vascular assessment capabilities.

CathCompass™ simplifies the complex process of catheter selection, supporting clinicians in making informed decisions for safer cannulation practices. With its integration into VeinViewer® Flex and Vision2 models, CathCompass™ enhances pre-, during, and post-procedure vascular evaluation.

vein viewer from cathcampass

Sarah Chapman, RN, Christie's Clinical Director, highlights CathCompass™'s ability to eliminate guesswork and improve patient safety. By adhering to global standards and maintaining a 1:3 catheter-to-vein ratio (CVR), CathCompass™ ensures confidence and accuracy in vascular assessment.

This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with VeinViewer®'s ASSESS™ Plus Imaging Suite, offering customizable visualization modes for enhanced flexibility. Paul Damiani, Christie's President, reaffirms the company's commitment to advancing medical innovations that prioritize patient care.

CathCompass™ for VeinViewer® is now available globally through authorized partners, marking a significant milestone in Christie's mission to revolutionize patient care. Visit to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.

As technologists, we recognize CathCompass™'s potential to transform vascular assessment practices, paving the way for safer and more efficient healthcare delivery. Christie's dedication to innovation continues to shape the future of medical imaging and patient care.


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