Triggo's Adaptable Electric Vehicle for Modern Living


Discover the Future of Urban Transportation with Triggo's Innovative Electric Vehicle

 An intriguing feature of the urban electric vehicle created by Polish business Triggo is its adjustable width, which ranges from 148 to 86 cm. Triggo is a special kind of electric car that combines the mobility and parking advantages of a scooter with the safety and comfort aspects of a car, all thanks to its creative design. Triggo has one plus one seats.

With its innovative variable geometry chassis, Triggo offers two separate chassis modes in one car: cruising mode for steady high-speed driving and maneuvering mode for effortless maneuvering through traffic and parking that requires the least amount of space.

Triggo is perfectly adapted to the impending revolution in new urban mobility services thanks to these capabilities.The two 10 kW electric motors that power the Triggo electric car give it a length of 2.6 meters.An interchangeable 8 kWh battery stores the electricity. There are 130 kilograms in the battery.

Triggo can go up to ninety kilometers per hour and has a breadth of 148 cm. The vehicle may be made narrower to 86 cm in maneuverability mode, which allows it to pass car columns or fit into small parking places. The maximum speed in this mode is 25 km/h. The steering control, shaped like a U, which is flanked by screens that display the view from the left and right side cameras, may be adjusted to operate in wide or narrow modes. Triggo may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. has further information.

The setup is completed with a small digital instrument cluster, and additional driving functions are activated by a physical control console situated to the right.The car is made to fit the demands of people living in big cities, specifically the rapidly expanding markets for autonomous robo-taxis and mobile-as-a-service urban transportation.

Yes, it really is that easy!
With just a single button on the steering wheel, Triggo can adjust its shape to fit your needs!

Summary of Triggo Urban Electric Vehicle Specification List:

Adjustable Width:
Ranges from 148 cm (high-speed operations) to 86 cm (low-speed operations)

Seating Capacity:
One plus one seats

Chassis Modes:
Cruising Mode: Steady high-speed driving

Maneuvering Mode: 
Effortless maneuvering through traffic and parking with minimal space requirement

Variable Geometry Chassis:
Innovative design offering two separate chassis modes

Electric Motors:
Two 10 kW electric motors

2.6 meters

Interchangeable 8 kWh battery
130 kilograms in weight

Up to 90 km/h (high-speed operations)
Up to 25 km/h (low-speed operations)

Steering Control:
U-shaped steering control
Adjustable between wide and narrow modes

Screens flanking the steering control display views from left and right side cameras

Estimated cost ranging from $10,000 to $20,000

Digital Instrument Cluster:
Small digital instrument cluster for essential information

Control Console:
Physical control console situated to the right for additional driving functions

Designed for urban mobility services
Adaptable to the demands of autonomous robo-taxis and mobile-as-a-service urban transportation

Easy Shape Adjustment:

Single button on the steering wheel for adjusting the vehicle's shape
Triggo Appearance:

High-Speed Operations:
Maximum breadth of 148 cm
Travel at up to 90 km/h
Ideal for open road driving
Low-Speed Operations:
Maximum width of 86 cm
Up to 35 km/h
Suitable for traffic congestion and easy parking

Additional Information:

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