Hero Surge S32 - The 2-in-1 Electric Scooter and Rickshaw


Unveiling the Hero Surge S32: Your Ultimate 2-in-1 Electric Scooter and Rickshaw Experience! 

Surge, a startup owned by Hero MotoCorp, has unveiled its first S32. This is a modular vehicle that combines an electric scooter with a 3W electric 3W vehicle to transport cargo, ferry passengers, and assist self-employed individuals. This is the first time a manufacturer in India has pursued such an idea, demonstrating Hero's relentless commitment to innovation. 

Hero Surge S32: What is it? Ever seen Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and desired to own a larger car that spits out a 2W for convenience? Well, that concept has become a reality now. Except that it does not appeal to millionaire vigilantes. However, it caters to real-world self-employed warriors who want to possess a fully modular vehicle.

Surge_ hero motor corp

Thus, they will receive an electric scooter or an electric 3W rickshaw in the same package. This allows a self-employed individual to get two vehicles for the price of one. Surge describes it as a "class-shifting vehicle". Where users/buyers can improve their earning prospects and lifestyle. 

The premise of Surge S32 is that users/buyers can switch classes while owning a single car. After their daily efforts and trials, owners/buyers can now transform into more comfortable and presentable folks by riding the electric scooter. Surge states that disassembling the scooter from the 3W configuration should take 3 minutes.

Hero MotoCorp Surge S32 - Specifications and Features:

Design and Structure:

  • 3W Electric Cargo Vehicle/Rickshaw.
  • Front passenger cabin with windscreen, headlights, turn indicators, and windscreen wipers.
  • Possibility of removable and zippered soft doors for weather protection.

Convertible Feature:

  • Front windshield section lifts vertically.
  • Seat console opens to reveal an electric scooter.
  • Spring-loaded double-stand mechanism for 3W vehicle's cabin.
  • Electric scooter's rear suspension rises for easy extraction.

Lighting and Visibility:

  • LED headlights and turn indicators for both 3W vehicle and electric scooter.

Instrumentation and Controls:

  • Electric scooter equipped with a speedometer and switchgear.
  • Electric interface for connecting to 3W vehicle's components, powertrain, and battery (manually operated).

Power and Battery:

  • Power split between 3W vehicle and 2W scooter.
  • 3W Power: 10 kW (13.4 bhp).
  • 2W Power: 3 kW (4 bhp).
  • 3W Battery: 11 kWh.
  • 2W Battery: 3.5 kWh.


  • 3W Top Speed: 50 km/h.
  • 2W Top Speed: 60 km/h.

Load Carrying Capacity:

  • 3W Load Capacity: 500 kg.


  • 3 Cargo Models.
  • 1 Passenger Variant (e-rickshaw).

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